Wood Carved Moose Head Puzzle Box by The Handcrafted


SKU: 58435


  • Size: 4.5" inches at the widest and 4.5" inches tall and 2" inches deep
  • Made from Natural Wood
  • Handcrafted by Artisans

Puzzle Boxes are a fun way to keep small precious items safe. They act as a box but with a twist - you have to solve a puzzle to open it. The Wood Carved Moose Head Puzzle Box by The Handcrafted is fun, beautiful, and useful. This wooden puzzle box features an intricate design on the front, made by craftsman with natural wood. The puzzle itself is easy and fun and will keep the box closed when put together correctly. The box itself is small and can hold small trinkets. This wooden animal puzzle box is a fun gift for a kid who likes puzzles and collecting or for anyone who wants a small, decorative piece that serves to decorate and also entertain.

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