Wood Carved Rainbow Trout Puzzle Box by The Handcrafted


SKU: 58437


  • Hand made
  • Made in the USA

Do you enjoy a good puzzle? Do you also have things you like to keep safe in a box? This wooden puzzle box is the perfect combination for both of those enjoyments you have! This is a handmade wooden puzzle box designed by very skilled carpenters to make storing you small valuables far more interesting than just a plain ordinary box. Or if you're an avid angler, you can store your favorite hooks in here too.

The Handcrafted is a Huston based company of highly skilled carpenters who pay attention to every detail when making their boxes. From the imported wood, down to the final design they make sure the quality is high and the satisfaction is fulfilled. Here at the Montana Gift Corral we strive for that same high quality and high satisfaction, and we are so happy to work with The Handcrafted to share their work with you.