Wood Cribbage Board by Heartwood Creations Inc. (4 designs)


SKU: 62412
  • Dimensions: 10" by 3" by 3/4"
  • Option 1: Cherry Hardwood and Cocobolo insert
  • Option 2: Cherry Hardwood with a Maple and Bloodwood runner
  • Option 3: Maple base with Burl Walnut and Cocobolo insert
  • Option 4: Walnut base with Cocobolo insert and Maple strips
  • Includes pegs and instructions, cards not included

These lovely wooden cribbage boards merit display in any western home. Featuring stunning pieces of Burl Walnut, Cocobolo, Cherry, and Maple wood, these boards are simple, classy, elegant, and perfect for your lodge.

Handmade in Rockford, Illinois by Heartwood Creations, this cribbage board is sure to be the centerpiece of your den, porch, or wherever you put it. Just don't forget the cards!