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Wood Salt Cellar by Match 1995


Brand: Match 1995
SKU: 83335


  • 4" in diameter
  • Approx. 2.75" tall
  • Made of Italian walnut and pewter

Did you know that salt cellars date back to the 15th century? Give your table setting some rich heritage with this Wood Salt Cellar by Match 1995. The history of salt cellars is indeed extensive, but they have recently seen a return to popularity as a more sanitary way to store spices. Remembering to clean your salt and pepper shaker might not always be your top priority whereas a salt cellar is easy to wash and clean. Simply handwash in warm water, and be sure to get all the droplets off as you dry it. Otherwise, they will leave spots on the pewter. When using a salt cellar, you are also given more control with the amount of spice you prefer in your food, because you are able to grab and pinch the right amount instead of relying on the force of your shake!  

Match 1995 pewter is all handcrafted in Italy. There's a deep lineage of pewter-making in that country, and Match's founder, David Reiss, desired a way to make fine pewter more accessible to people the world over. He was enraputred by Italian life, and one of the things he remembers most are the sounds, including the ting, ting of artisans' hammers as they worked on pewter. And so, his passion for fine pewter was born. All Match pewter pieces are made from lead-free tin, copper, and antimony. Match 1995 uses a blend of 95% pewter, making it one of the finest in the world. Pewter is tarnish-resistant which means you're on the path to turning beautiful pieces in family heirlooms. We recommend you start with this Wood Salt Cellar by Match 1995!