Yellow Stones: What Do You See? By Caroline McClure


SKU: 79340


  • Softcover
  • 48 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9781591522140

Join Caroline McClure in exploring the rocky world of Yellowstone National Park! Yellow Stones: What Do You See? by Caroline McClure is a fun book that is sure to flex your little one's creative muscles! What do you see in the rocks? A rabbit? Or perhaps a geyser? Remember there are no wrong answers! How fun!

Author Caroline McClure's world has been rocked by rocks ever since she was a young girl. Living and working in Yellowstone National Park for more than a dozen years allowed her to explore the fascinating world at her feet. You may see what she sees in these rocks, or you may see something entirely different. The lesson is to notice and protect them. All the Yellowstone treasures featured in this book were photographed (and remain) in the park, safe in their natural settings to capture the imaginations of fellow rock lovers, for future generations.

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