Yellowstone National Park A Cautionary Tale Adult Coloring Book by Andy Robbins


SKU: 68885
  • 32 pages
  • Recommended for mature artists
  • Published in Montana

“Can a bison kill you?
Heck yes. Though not generally malevolent, bison are huge, horned, and hard-hitting.
Suggested Colors:
Selfie Stick Silver, Kidney Pink, Bowel Burgundy”
-from page 10

Color yourself cautious - this coloring book is really quite helpful - it only wants you to be same while traveling through Yellowstone’s many sights and scenes, even if its methods are a bit … unconventional. Just make sure your ‘vacation of a lifetime’ is a free of peril as possible, from stampeding bison to poisonous mushrooms, boiling geysers and more, the world’s first national park can be a rather hazardous place! But, if you keep your wits about you, remember that none of the wildlife is tame, and follow the advice of this ahem, ‘memorably’ illustrated coloring book, you’ll be just fine!

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