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Yellowstone National Park: The First 150 Years by Jeff Henry


SKU: 78401


  • Hardcover
  • 256 Pages
  • Written by Jeff Henry

Discover the rich history of Yellowstone National Park in this beautifully curated hardcover book by Jeff Henry. Featuring 256 pages of historic photographs, classic art, and informative narratives, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the park from its Native American roots to the present day. Learn about the famous artists who helped make the park famous, the evolution of park employees, and the vital role of wildlife biologists in maintaining the delicate ecosystem. A must-have for any national park enthusiast or history buff.

Written by Yellowstone expert, Jeff Henry, who has spent the majority of his adult life in and around the park. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his 40 years of work in various roles such as fishing guide, wildlife researcher, and park ranger. Learn about the first-ever national park from Jeff Henry's point of view!