Yeti Stainless Steel Hammered Ornament by Art Studio Company (2 Colors, 2 Sizes)


SKU: 76611
  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • Montana-ribbon
  • Lovely home accent!

The legend of bigfoot is a common one. These legends date back beyond recorded history. Many people still believe that a seven-foot-tall humanlike creature inhabits the northwest region of the United States stalking the woods. Many campers, lumberjacks, hikers, and outdoor recreators have reported sightings of the legendary bigfoot. Whether you believe in bigfoot or not, check out the Yeti Stainless Steel Hammered Ornament by Art Studio Company. This high-quality ornament crafted from stainless steel features a Montana ribbon and makes for the perfect accent for any space. Add a touch of northwest inspiration to your home with this adorable ornament!

Here at Montana Gift Corral, we love Art Studio Company not only for their fun nature-inspired keepsakes but also for their array of philanthropic values! Art Studio Company is passionate about traveling the world in search of socially conscious, hand-crafted products. All of their hand-made items are crafted in small villages around the world and a portion of all proceeds directly benefit the local people of these communities. How cool!