10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

The holidays are fast approaching, but don't worry, there's still a chance to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life. Here at Montana Gift Corral, our mission is to serve others in any way we can, so we've put together our favorite 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her to help you start checking off that shopping list.

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1. Huckleberry Candle by Sunshine Candles

Montana Candle by Sunshine Candles


Montana through and through, prepare to fall in love with this Montana Candle by Sunshine Can-dles. When it comes to candle-making it doesn't get much greener and eco-friendly than this. Each candle is hand-poured using all-natural soy wax. And every container is made out of something recycled. From wine bottles to beer cans, yogurt jars, and more, each jar is washed, de-labeled, and turned into a beautifully scented candle that you can give as a gift or keep for yourself to enjoy.

2. Watercolor Mug by Dean Crouser

watercolor mug by dean crouser


Elevate Your Kitchen with Dean Crouser Flower Mugs - Bright and Bold Flair for Every Occasion! These lovely mugs function well as stand-alone kitchen additions, or as part of a set. No matter the color scheme of your kitchen or coffee nook, you'll love sipping some coffee, maybe some delicious Montana-made coffee, out of this beautiful mug. Plus, with a few different stunning designs to choose from, you'll find the perfect gift for your loved one! 

3. Earrings by Illustrated Light

I04 CE Earrings by Illustrated LightThese lovely earrings have a contrast of bright green leaves and grey trunks of aspen trees against streaks of deep black, giving the jewelry a tasteful contrast. Each set of DC designed earrings by Illustrated light is handcrafted using a UV laminated giclée print, making them water resistant, and finally allowing you to relax in your hot tub without going through the trouble of taking them off. They also use hypo-allergenic, antiqued cooper ear wires to finish them off with a stylish rustic look.


4. Regal Pheasant Sculpture by Marc Pierce

Regal Pheasant Sculpture by Marc Pierce


Regal indeed! This beautifully crafted Marc Pierce sculpture "Regal" makes a perfect centerpiece for your credenza or entryway table. Nestle it neatly between your fine china, or peeking over your family photos.

Manufactured from a proprietary "Montana Bronze" resin by Big Sky Carvers, Marc Pierce's Regal is sure to impress your friends and relatives.


5. Flap Jack Bear Bottom by Lazy One

Flap Jack Bear Bottom by Lazy One


There is nothing more adorable than the Flap Jack Bear Bottoms by Lazy One! Imagine spending the holidays all cozied up with an extra soft cotton ribbed onesie. Get one for yourself, your kids, even your dog!

Coming in many sizes, these funky and funny pajamas are available for any family or friend! We also offer a version for your puppy! Enjoy these warm, fuzzy pajamas every morning with the family.


6. Karen Savory Huckleberry Heaven Metal Box Art 

Karen Savory Huckleberry Heaven Metal Box Art by Meissenberg Designs


Karen Savory's Huckleberry Heaven Metal Box Art is a genuine piece of western contemporary art. Printed on an aluminum box, this piece depicts a bear in a huckleberry patch at night. The dark colors twilight colors, contrasted to the golden brown bear and the bright huckleberry garden, make this piece especially appealing.


7. Susan Winget Home Warms the Heart Ornament by Inner Beauty

Susan Winget Home Warms the Heart Ornament


Wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas with a stunning hand-crafted Christmas ornament. This signature Inner Beauty ornament features the work of artist Susan Winget with the centuries-old technique of hand painting in reverse on the inside of hand-blown glass. The Susan Winget Home Warms the Heart Ornament by Inner Beauty comes packed in a satin-lined hinged gift box and includes a certificate of authenticity, making this Inner Beauty piece a beautiful gift!


8. Huckleberry Apron by Lazy One

Huckleberry Apron by Lazy One


Who says you can't make a fashion statement while cooking? Make sure your loved one is looking great when whipping up all of the best holiday meals this Christmas season. Our adorable Huckleberry Apron by Lazy One is not only functional, keeping outfits clean, but makes a statement with its Montana-inspired design. It would be the perfect gift for her this Christmas! 


10. Huckleberry Hand Cream

Huckleberry Hand Cream


Huckleberry Hand Cream is a must-have staple for your bath and body products. As a Montana made lotion, this luxuriously decadent cream takes care of extremely dry skin while leaving a light, fresh scent of Montana huckleberries on your skin. This rich cream contains sweet almond oil, shea butter, and vitamins A, D, E, and B to invigorate skin and make you crave the mountains of Montana.


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By Zach Altman


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