Montana Wedding Planning: 10 Gifts for a Bride

A bride’s wedding day is certainly something to celebrate, a heartwarming occasion not only for the bride and groom, but for the friends and family as well. In honor of this magical moment, here’s a list of beautiful gifts you can give to the new bride, perfect for establishing a new home, and certainly as useful as they are heartfelt. We’ve got a variety of options fit for every budget, all delightful and thoughtful gifts, all a real treat both to give and to receive!




Rustic Huckleberry Soap

A delightful option that won’t break the bank, this Montana made huckleberry soap has a delicate scent reminiscent of a summer mountain day. As part of a gift basket paired with other bathroom items, or as a stand-alone gift for those who can’t afford something, this rustic soap screams ‘good wishes.’ This is by far one of the best natural soaps you’ll find for sensitive skin! Each bar is completely free of allergens, animal byproducts, phosphates, and any other unpronounceable ingredients. If huckleberries aren't your thing, there are a variety of other flavors available on our store.



Bear Bean Pot Mug

Any new couple will need to build up their collection of coffee mugs, right? Why not help them on their way with this western mug. With a unique shape and a darling design, this pottery mug is sure to become a bride’s new favorite in no time! Another idea that would make a perfect complement to a larger gift, or could stand alone without breaking the bank.



Adventure Wall Art 

Endless adventure awaits for a new bride, one she gets to share with the person of her dreams. This rustic piece of wall art is a constant reminder of what the world has to offer, and is heartwarming – and housewarming – at the same time! With a rustic design and charming painted-look, this is a perfect gift for the bride with a bit of wanderlust in her heart and a habit of taking the road less traveled.




Oval Patch Rug

Adorable and a welcoming way to enter a new home, these patch rugs offer a rustic chic feeling for a bride’s dream home. Featuring a lovely collection of patch rugs ranging from western boots to wildlife images, all in a traditionally braided western design, these rugs are the perfect things to wipe your boots on after a long, hard day of livin’ it up country style.

Floral Vine Wood Frame

The quiet and refrained look of this Floral Vine Wood Frame makes it a perfect option for any bride who sees a charming Montana cabin in her future. With dark colors and a simple pattern, this frame puts a prized wedding photo at the center of attention while adding a beautiful halo of flowers to an already charming image. A good middle-of-the-road option price-wise, we're sure a new bride will treasure this frame and the image it's destined to hold

Little Things Serving Board

The simple fact that you are all together sharing moments and creating precious memories with your family and friends is a bit part of a wedding's magic. With this sweet wooden serving board, a bride can let whoever comes over for dinner know that it is all of the ''little things'' that family's do for each other that makes a dinner so special.


Wood and Glass Cutting Board Set

Another piece to help the new couple build up their kitchen repertoire, these lovely cutting board sets contain one wood and one glass board each, and are perfect for use as a serving tray while together! Available in a variety of patterns from something for the wine aficionado to the floral pattern lover, these boards are unique pieces of kitchen decor when not in use.



Small Bear Art Box

A place to keep copies of her vows or special mementos from her wedding day, this gorgeous little box is decorative, sturdy, and a delight to look at. Made from a variety of polished woods, and assembled with a wildlife motif, this higher-end gift is sure to be greatly appreciated.




Moon over Montana Milk Pitcher

These milk pitchers feature Montana mountain designs in vibrant and rustic colors, and are the perfect addition to the country home. Available in Carl Sheehan's Moon Over Montana and Sky Blue motifs, these pitchers can hold 1 quart, and are sturdy enough to last for years to come.

Karen Savory Celebrate Nature's Diversity Metal Box Art

Montana artist Karen Savory shares with us another immaculate piece of work, filled with wildlife imagery and vibrant covers. This 3D aluminum print is easy hang, with the work continuing via warm-hearted quotes on all sides for the enjoyment of a bride and all her future house guests. 


Check out these and other great western wedding gifts via a handy search bar on our home page, and we hope you and yours enjoy a happy wedding season!


- Emma Katherine Roberts


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