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how to enjoy montana from home. a blog by montana gift corral

Montana is a wonderful place, and we are grateful every single day to call this place home. If you live in Montana, we're sure you understand. If you don't live in Montana, we can't wait for you to visit us when this is all behind us. We put together a list of ways to enjoy the Treasure State from the safety of your own home, no matter where you are!

Take a Google Earth Virtual Tour of Glacier National Park

glacier national park by zach altman

A virtual tour? How's that supposed to work? Well, we wondered the same thing, so we had to experience it for ourselves. Turns out, it's pretty cool! Click here to take a virtual tour of Glacier National Park - you won't regret it! We found it very inspirational for daydreaming about future trips up north!


Become an Armchair Explorer with This Stunning Yellowstone Photography Book

A decade in yellowstone with Stephen hinch


The Creative Content team always has a copy of Stephen C. Hinch's photography book, A Decade in Yellowstone National Park, on-hand in the office for daily inspiration. Hinch spend over a ten years working and living near Yellowstone, during all seasons. He has some stories to tell, and luckily he chose to share some with us! There's no better way to start the day than to browse slowly through this collection with your morning coffee! Click here to check it out.


Plan a Future Trip to Montana

fire lookout in Montana by Zach Altman

There are endless ways to plan a vacation. Some like to structure and research a trip, with all destinations, an itinerary, meal plans, months in advance. Others like to throw a dart at the map and fly by the seat of their pants. Most of us probably fall somewhere in between these two extremes! This time at home with plenty of time on our hands is a great opportunity to dream up the vacation of your dreams! If Yellowstone is on your bucket list (and it should be!) be sure to check out our blog filled with our favorite day hikes in Yellowstone.


Bring the Taste of Montana Home with Huckleberry Products!

huckleberry jam from Montana Gift Corral

Huckleberries are a summer staple here in the northern Rockies, especially in Montana. In fact, people shop from all over the world for our famous huckleberry products! Luckily, you can bring the taste of Montana wherever you are with our wide variety of huckleberry products for sale!


Take a Google Earth Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Nothing compares to experiencing Yellowstone in real life, but a virtual armchair experience like this ranks a solid second place in our book. Thanks to Google Earth, you can explore Norris Geyser Basin, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and a dozen other iconic spots throughout America's first national park! Click here for a virtual tour of Yellowstone National Park!





Article and Select Photos by Zach Altman.

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