Best Montana Made Body Products

There's nothing dryer than wintertime in Montana. With our low humidity and the cold weather, skin really takes a beating. Combine that with shoveling snow, skiing or snowboarding, and constantly washing your hands, and the people need relief! My poor cuticles can barely take it! 

Luckily, we carry some of the absolute best Montana made body products to soothe that dry and itchy skin. We're proud to support these Montana companies who consistently and continually create amazing products for the benefit of their customers and provide unique healing and soothing properties. Check out some of our absolute favorites!

Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy

Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy

Let's start off with a little at-home TLC. If you've spent any amount of time in Montana, you know that one of those most favored activities is a trip to the local hot springs. Most popular in the wintertime, there's nothing quite like dipping into a naturally hot pool while the steam rises and the snow falls. Now, not everyone can be so lucky, so Medicine Springs brings the hot springs to you! Using chemical analysis, this husband and wife duo took natural spring water, isolated the compounds, and decided to start selling it. Each of their varieties target something unique: joints, skin, and sports-related pain. Simply pour a bit of this concentrated salt into your bath and create your own personal hot springs at home.

Windrift Hill

Windrift Hill Body Products

Now, let's talk about aftercare. After the bath or shower, you have to create a barrier for your skin. That's where Windrift Hill lotions and body butters come in. Based out of Conrad, Montana, Dick and Deena Maier raise goats on their little farm and make over 45 different scents of soap and 21 different scented lotions. Windrift Hill is named after the windy hills where their ranch is located. Their herd of over 63 Nubian goats are able to produce roughly 12 gallons of milk a day. From that milk, the make some of the best goat's milk body products. Their soap is nourishing in the shower and their lotions and body butters help protect your skin from the harsh elements of the day. This whole family is part of the operation, so you know everything they make is handled with care and love.

DaySpa Body Basics/Montana Natural Shave Company

DaySpa Body Basics/Montana Natural Soap Company

This one goes out to the fellas! DaySpa Body Basics crafts a ton of awesome, junk-free products to make your bathing and moisturizing experience divine. Their Montana Natural Shave Company division creates really unique Montana products for all you beard-y fellows out there. From shaving cream to shampoo bars, they use ingredients like coconut oil and Montana honey to create body care that is hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. They also don't test any of their products on animals and they are made in small batches, so you know you're getting something that's been crafted with intention. They are able to control the scent and feel of these products through their the small batch approach. Oh, and let me tell you about the scents! Vanilla Bourbon! Tobacco Blossom! Even an Old Faithful scent that smells of wood and musk! For all you ladies out there, be sure to check out their Montana soaps and lotions, too!

Marcha Labs

Wool Wax Creme

Wool Wax Creme is the hardest working lotion in the West. If you've got a skin-related ailment, chances are Wool Wax can help. We literally have people buy this stuff by the case. It's light when applied, the scent isn't overpowering, and it's packed with lanolin. They brand it with the label Formula AT-10, meaning they experimented with the formula 10 times before they got one they were really happy with. First produced in 1972, you know these guys know what they are doing. And, they never deviate because they know what they have is so good. They make it in different sizes, from travel to tub, but they just keep on producing good quality, hard-working lotion. The list of what this helps includes athlete's foot, cracking skin, diaper rash, relief from chemotherapy, and even insect bites! I'm telling ya, this lotion does it all! Also make sure you try their new huckleberry variety! The perfect Montana lotion. 

Huckleberry Lip Balm

Huckleberry Lip Balm

This is another classic Montana body product. There's nothing quite as good as some Montana made huckleberry lip balm. It's another that contains all the good stuff. Cocoa butter, beeswax, shea, vitamin E, and of course, huckleberry flavoring. This comes from our dear friends at Huckleberry Haven. They began canning mountain berries in 1987 and soon decided they could give people that huckleberry goodness in a variety of items, including this yummy lip balm. On top of that, it has SPF 15 so it moisturizes and protects. When you crank it out of the tube and notice it has a purple color, rest assured it will not color your lips. It goes on clear and protects for the day! This is another Montana made body product that people love to buy in bulk because honestly, you can never have too much huckleberry lip balm. We recommend that when you see this stuff in stock, you nab it up quick! Your lips will thank you!

Don't fear those harsh weather conditions and the havoc they can wreak on your skin. With this fine selection of Montana made body products, you'll be slathered and moisturized from head to toe! 

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