Wool Wax Creme by Marcha Labs (3 sizes, 3 scents)


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Featured in our blog What you Need to Thrive this Winter

Wool Wax Creme is one of the most popular Montana made products available. If you have dry hands, even extremely dry skin, it's time to get yourself one of the best lotions on the market. With a light, fresh scent, this lanolin-based lotion absorbs quickly and cures a variety of skin ailments. This is a great treatment for gardeners, construction works, and anyone who labors hard with their hands. The customer reviews speak for themselves.

Wool Wax Creme is made my Marcha Labs who are based on a family ranch in Eastern Montana.

Enjoy Wool Wax Creme in a 2 oz. tub, 4 oz. tube, or 9 oz. tub. We know also carry a huckleberry and a fragrance-free version! You can never have too much of the best lotion!


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