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What You Need to Thrive this Winter

Wool Wax Cremé and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Original and Pomegranate Lip Balm and Wool Wax Cremé 

For as much as I, personally, look forward to winter, I know my hands aren’t excited. For my poor paws, winter means cracking, chapping, and generally hurting. Beyond the pain inflicted by the wind and frigid temperatures of winter, with cold and flu season, I’m washing my hands constantly, using hand sanitizer left and right, and robbing my hands of all moisture. I’ve used countless lotions and creams to fight dryness, but it’s always that, a fight and not a solution to the problem. Marcha Labs found a cure to my dry hands with their Wool Wax Cremé. It’s no surprise that this Wool Wax Cremé is produced on a sheep and cattle ranch in Eastern Montana by people that know if you take care of your tools they will take care of you. When you’re roping, riding, and ranching the most valuable tools you’ve got are your hands. It makes all the more sense that Wool Wax Cremé comes from a sheep ranch knowing that one of the main ingredients is lanolin, an oil secreted by sheep to condition their wool and collected during the shearing process. This natural substance traps moisture and reduces your skin’s overall moisture loss. The stuff works. I love that it’s actually fragrance free so I don’t have to choose between cracked hands or smelling like potpourri. Made well in Montana, Wool Wax Cremé has become a necessary part of my winter gear.

Since I don’t slather Wool Wax Cremé on my lips, a tube of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm has become part of my winter everyday carry. Actually, I’ve strategically slipped a tube of Burt’s Bees in all of my jackets and vests to make sure I have it handy whether I’m skinny skiing, downhill skiing, or just walking around town. I stick with Burt’s Bees Original but, for the more adventurous, it also comes in acai berry, honey, mango butter, and pomegranate varieties. Taking care of your lips is a crucial element of making it through a Montana winter and Burt’s Bees will get the job done.

Flap Jack Bear Bottom by Lazy One

Lazy One Flap Jack Bear Bottom (Toddler, Kid, and Adult Sizes Available)

Layers people, layers. Wearing a down jacket over a t-shirt will not keep you warm. Unlined Carhartt’s over bare legs is a mistake. You need to wear base layers and long johns, or do one better and wear the Flap Jack Bear Bottom Onesie. This clutch piece of winter apparel is 100% cotton, incredibly soft, and will keep you warm. The “Bear Bum” back flap facilitates an easy transition to heeding nature’s call. Regardless of what you have in store for your day, this onesie can handle it. My favorite thing about the Flap Jack Bear Bottom Onesie comes at the end of the day where you shed your outer layers and, boom, you’re instantly ready for bed with what can now be used as cozy pajamas!

Yellowstone Cocoa Tin by Huckleberry Haven

Yellowstone Chocolate Cocoa Tin by Huckleberry Haven

What could be better than snuggling up in your onesie and having a cup of hot cocoa? Having a dog cuddle with you? Obviously, but we don’t sell dogs at Montana Gift Corral. We do sell a Yellowstone Cocoa Tin from Huckleberry Haven that will warm you up and put a smile on your face. I guess you don’t need cocoa to get through winter, but I haven’t gone one without it so maybe don’t try it because that’s a scary worst case scenario. I mean, best case scenario is you don’t have cocoa which is already pretty scary. Not only will you have quality cocoa mix but you’ll have an attractive tin with a vibrant rendering of the lower falls of the Yellowstone River from Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park. This is definitely something that deserves to be left out on the counter this winter. 

Save-A-Cup Mug

Custom Engraving Available in Bozeman Store Locations

I don’t leave home without a cup of something hot (coffee in the morning and tea or cocoa in the afternoon and evening). To battle those frigid temps you want something that will keep your beverage of choice piping hot. The Save-A-Cup Mug has become my vessel of choice to stylishly warm up from the inside out. The double wall vacuum insulated 14 ounce steel mug is sturdy, has a handle that won’t burn your hand, comes with a clear lid to prevent spills, and is BPA free. The coolest thing about the Save-A-Cup mug is the ability to customize it however you want. With our laser engraving you can pick a design from our catalog or provide us with your own design for your mug (this is an option for several different Save-A-Cup designs). We’ve been astounded by the details our laser engraving team have been able to capture on all of our engravable drinkware. 

~ Find out how to get your custom engraving done by clicking here!

Here at Montana Gift Corral, we don’t want you to just get by this winter, we want you to love this special time to be in Montana!

Written by: Stephen McNeal

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