Books & Buddies for Bedtime!

We get it, bedtime can be a Battlezone when it comes to kids! You'd think that after bouncing off the walls all day long, they'd be tired right? Wrong! 

If there is one way we've found to make bedtime a breeze, it's to make it fun. With our selection of fun-filled bedtime stories and matching cozy essentials, your youngster will be chomping at the bit to hit the hay! 

1. "Bear"-y Excited to go to Bed!  

A foolproof way to keep kids enthusiast about bedtime is to draw them in with a good story. New on our website, Wake Up, Baby Bear! by Lynn Plourde is the perfect storybook to lull your kiddos to sleep. 

"Poor Baby Bear had too much fun and stayed up too late in the fall. Now that spring is here, he's too exhausted to wake up. Even his old friends, Moose, Owl, and Hare, have no luck waking the tired cub."

Featuring playful wildlife-inspired illustrations by Teri Weidner and an educational plot written by Lynn Plourde, this title is a sweet children's story about a tired baby bear and his battle to wake up in the spring! Paired with our cozy Beary Cool PJ Set by Lazy One, bedtime will surely be painless.

Wake up baby bear

Wake Up, Baby Bear! by Lynn Plourde / Beary Cool PJ Set by Lazy One

2. Hay, Kids! It's Time for Bed!

If your youngsters are anything like I was as a kid, they are horse-obsessed! Whether it was a horse figurine, stuffed animal, or children's fiction book, there was something about horses that completely had me enamored. Perfect for any horse-lover, Pasture Bedtime: A Cautionary Tale by Jenny H. Lyman is a great book to inspire your kids to imagine a young horse playing all day and sleeping all night!

Featuring adorable horse illustrations, this fun-filled book follows a young foal with a goal to stay awake all day long! We don't want to ruin the ending, but the little horse learns her lesson and decides that sleep is much-needed after a long day of play. Created by Lazy One, a company known for a collection of wildlife-inspired accessories, often creates fun stories to help children fall asleep after a day of playing in the pastures. The Pasture Bedtime- A Cautionary Tale will become the kid's favorite book to read before bed, we guarantee it!

Paired with our EcoKins Plush Horse by Wishpets, this book will surely help you rein in your kid for bedtime (pun intended 🤣). Available in-store only!

Pasture bedtime

Pasture Bedtime: A Cautionary Tale by Jenny H. Lyman / EcoKins Plush Horse by Wishpets (In-store Only)

3. Bye-son, it's bedtime! 

If you are searching for a fun and educational children's book, you've gotta check out Scout Moore Junior Ranger: Yellowstone by Teresa Howell. In this adventure-filled storybook, you can your kiddo can embark on a grand escapade visiting thermal features, watching wildlife, and gazing at YNP's vast landscapes! With beautiful illustrations from Jeffrey Ebbeler, your youngster will be so excited to listen to this fun-filled story when bedtime rolls around.

Theresa Howell, a popular children's author, loves the outdoors. In her free time, you can find Teresa in nature with her husband and two daughters. With a passion for inspiring our next generations, Teresa has written a handful of lovely storybooks that are always a hit amongst children. We know for a fact that your kiddo will love Scout Moore Junior Ranger: Yellowstone!

The only way that this fun book can get any better is if it was paired with our Buffalo Critter Blanket by Lazy One! Trust us, your kids will love snuggling up in this soft, hooded blanket.

Kids Books for Bedtime

Scout Moore Junior Ranger: Yellowstone by Teresa Howell / Buffalo Critter Blanket by Lazy One

4. Are You Yeti for Bed? 

If you are looking for the perfect way to spend that last little bit of energy that your kids have before bed, check out Bigfoot's Adventures by Lazy One! This search and find book is perfect for those kiddos who have a daring personality and an eye for small details. Featuring pages full of colorful illustrations from Mariah Rupp, you and your youngster(s) will be able to spend your evenings exploring various mountainside landscapes alongside your favorite legendary creature! 

But don't take our word for it, check out this review from a Mom who actually bought this book for her kids:

"My 1 1/2-year-old and 8-year-old love this book! The 1-year-old carries it around everywhere. He loves finding bigfoot! I hope to get more adventure books in the future." - Dawn Locke

If you are looking for a couple of adorable stuffed animals to match this fun Bigfoot search and find book, make sure to pick up our Bigfoot and She-Squatch Bigfoot Plush by Stuffed Animal House. This adorable pair will make bedtime so much more fun!

bigfoots adventures

Bigfoot's Adventures by Lazy One / Bigfoot and She-Squatch Bigfoot Plush by Stuffed Animal House

5. Un-"bear"-ably Tired!

After a long day of play, kid's can be un-"bear"-ably tired. Sometimes all a child needs to fall into a deep slumber is a great storybook! Bearly Awake and Almoose Asleep by Lazy One follows the story of Moose and his best friend Bear. Convinced that he is going to stay awake through hibernation, Bear, unfortunately, falls asleep in a stream, and needs help from Moose to get back home! Join your kiddo and Moose as they go on an adventure to bring Bear home.

If your tot is just not cozy enough to fall asleep, make sure to give them a pair of our Bear Paw Slippers by Lazy One! These fun slippers will add some comfort to your youngster's seasonal hibernation, and make their den (or as we humans call it - a bed) the best place to be!

bearly awake

Bearly Awake and Almoose Asleep by LazyOne / Bear Paw Slippers by Lazy One


Cheers to a long, restful night of sleep for YOU and your kiddos! 


Written by: Alexa Jorgenson, MGC Content Creator

Photography by: Luke Clark, MGC Photographer

Blog Cover by: Averi Thompson, MGC Graphic Designer

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