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Wake Up, Baby Bear! by Lynn Plourde


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  • Children's Fiction
  • Written by Lynn Plourde, Illustrated by Teri Weidner
  • High-Quality Hardcover

"Poor Baby Bear had too much fun and stayed up too late in the fall. Now that spring is here, he's too exhausted to wake up. Even his old friends, Moose, Owl, and Hare, have no luck waking the tired cub."

When putting your kiddos to bed, make sure you read them a bedtime story that will lull them into slumber. Featuring stunning wildlife illustrations by Teri Weidner and an educational plot written by Lynn Plourde, Wake Up, Baby Bear! is a sweet children's book about a tired baby bear and his battle to wake up in the spring! With its playful illustrations, this hardcover children's fiction book is our go-to for making bedtime a breeze.

The author of over 40 children's books, Lynn Plourde, is based in Skowhegan, Maine! Lynn is passionate about teaching and often includes educational tidbits in her adorable stories. In fact, this author often uses her books to teach children writing, patterns, or even subtraction. How awesome is that! 

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