Crafted in the Wild

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is home to some of the most diverse land in North America. Welcoming tourists and local adventure-seekers each year; The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem brought along with it some of our favorite friends. To meet a few of them, you must travel along with us to our home in Southwestern Montana. 

When I first moved here to the beautiful Treasure State, I left my old habits behind, and got in the groove of how life was supposed to flow here. In Southwestern Montana, you can take a step back and let life take its path. We are able to take a deep breath when needed, and remember that everything will be okay. As I set eyes on the Bridger Mountain Range over Gallatin Field, now Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport I realized that this was home. Growing up a little farther south in the Rocky Mountains, I was prepared for the cold and snow, but I wasn't prepared for the wild landscape that it came with. Originally being from Colorado, I grew up being the mountain-kid that had to adapt to the growing ways of a city. I enjoyed the ways of the old, the ways before personal technology. I was blessed to have found Montana Gift Corral, because they are the best of the best. They care about their people, and especially the community. Bringing forth the best of people without conforming to the modern ways is an amazing feat a company can overcome. We love interaction with our customers. We love talking to each other, and we love being Montanans. 

Our Montana mentality is to be the best, without changing the way we are. 

So time to meet our friends. Working with and distributing local product is our favorite. Morning Glory Coffee, SK Designs, and Bridger Laser are all local vendors from Southwest Montana and above all else, friends! 


Morning Glory Coffee & Tea | West Yellowstone, MT

Morning Glory Coffee situated in the rear of my car, just incase I head out on a spontaneous adventure. 


Personally, Morning Glory Coffee is some of my favorite coffee, PERIOD. As you may know, we specialize in many Montana Huckleberry Products, and the Huckleberry Coffee by Morning Glory Coffee is nothing short of a specialty. With many different blends to chose from, this Montana-style take on coffee is amazing, even on a national level. We have individuals grabbing Morning Glory Coffee from all over the United States! I have taken my little bag of Huckleberry Coffee on dozens of hikes and backcountry ski trips, and every-time the taste just gets better and better. Morning Glory Coffee either comes in whole-bean or ground for your convenience! Located in West Yellowstone right at the entrance of Yellowstone National Park, your coffee is roasted right in the middle of the wild! With Bison that roam Route 191, this coffee is as wild and tasteful, just like Montana itself! Along with Morning Glory Coffee, we have TONS of other Huckleberry Gifts to find online or at any of our Montana stores. 


SK Designs | Belgrade, MT

Along with my fuel, I travel with one of my favorite mugs, reminding me of home! 


My other asset is the coffee cup. Can't pair amazing coffee with just any mug right? This Bozeman Santa-Fe style mug is especially one of my favorites. SK Designs is a Belgrade business that hand-make their mugs. Functionality is just as important as style so the mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. This family owned business creates unique Montana mugs that are sturdy enough to last. SK Designs is located right down the road from us, making them some of our closest friends. From Mugs to Growlers, SK Designs has the perfect answer to drink-ware and wonderful Montana Gifts. After pouring my coffee in one of their mugs every morning, I can personally vouch for the quality and practicality of SK Designs' product.  


Bridger Laser Designs | Bozeman, MT

All of our wonderful local vendors in our current giveaway, Bridger Laser in bottom left corner!

See that piece in the bottom left corner? This was one of the lucky pieces of reclaimed wood that Bridger Laser has graced. Bridger Laser creates custom laser wood burning pieces with much of their inspiration coming locally from the Greater Yellowstone area. With custom pieces including images and more printed onto reclaimed wood, many homes in the Bozeman area feature Bridger Laser's work with pride! Luckily with the diverse designs that Bridger Laser offers, there is something that is bound to fit in every kind of home. Help our friends out and view all of Bridger Laser's work on our website!


I've had the fortune of working with Montana Gift Corral creating content for our website and more! I've enjoyed my time here, and I am excited to continue helping and providing content showcasing our artists and community! Be sure to check out our giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook @montanagiftcorral and look for the post with the image featured above! We will be choosing one lucky winner to take home our Bozeman-inspired gift basket! And of course, if you can't wait for the winner, all of our products listed are available either in-store or online at


Written by Chris Wood

Images Courtesy of Chris Wood & Zach Altman


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