How to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Setting this Holiday Season

    Snow is falling gently outside, a blanket of white covering the sleeping Earth. Snowflakes fall gently from the sky, caressing bare branches and catching in eyelashes. The winter wonderland outside your home can only mean one thing, Christmas season is just around the corner. Christmas is a beautiful and wonderful time of the year. A time when friends and family gather to exchange gifts and share food. A time to celebrate what’s really important in life. One of the most beloved ways to celebrate Christmas is with decorations! Decorating for Christmas is a fun way to gather the family together, blast some Christmas tunes, and just have a good time! And with so many different Christmas decorations, your home is sure to be as unique as your family! However, if you’re not sure how you want to decorate for Christmas this year the Montana Gift Corral has got you covered! Check out these fun Christmas decoration themes to help you create a gorgeous Christmas setting this holiday season!


Classic Christmas Setting, How to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Setting this Holiday Season with the Montana Gift Corral

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    Red, green, and white are the tried and true colors of the Christmas season! Even when it is the middle of July, seeing those colors together will make you think of mistletoe, peppermint and where to hang your stocking this year. With images of Santa Claus and his reindeer, and mistletoe hanging from doorways it's a classic Christmas scene. To truly capture the beauty of the classic Christmas scene this holiday season there are a few things you can do!

Create  Classic Christmas Paper Chain Garland, How to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Setting this Holiday Season with the Montana Gift Corral

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    Whether you go Christmas tree hunting in the mountains, a tree farm or the local department store, a classic green tree is the way to go! Decorate the tree with white or red Christmas lights and the classic red garland. Not interested in the mess that tinsel can be? Why not try making your own garland this year? Simply gather together some red, white, and green construction paper and cut it into strips, about an inch wide. From there fold one of the strips into a circle and glue the ends together. Slide another strip through the loop and fold into a circle and glue. Repeat the process until you have a beautiful paper Christmas chain for your classic Christmas tree. After you have the lights and garland on, decorate the tree with your favorite ornaments, maybe add a few Santa ornaments and Snowmen.

Classic Christmas Wreath for How to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Setting this Holiday Season with Montana Gift Corral

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    A Christmas scene is more than just the Christmas tree, it’s everything! Greet guests with your classic Christmas scene by hanging a traditional Christmas Wreath on your front door. Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes, but traditionally they are a simple wreath of pine boughs accented with a red ribbon and occasionally a pinecone or two. Decorate your mantelpiece, entertainment center and other shelving with classic Christmas figurines such as Santa, reindeer, and snowmen. Maybe add a fun lampost light, giving everything a slightly Narnia-like feel! Poinsettias are a classic Christmas accessory and add a beautiful touch to any Christmas scene. Tie your Classic Christmas together by hanging some stockings and setting out a bowl of cute Christmas candies!



Woodland Wonderland

Woodland Wonderland Christmas Setting with the Montana Gift Corral

    One of the best parts about the holiday season is how beautiful the world looks. Bushy pine trees stand out against the thick snowy blanket that covers the Earth. The ice that dangles from rooftops and tree branches sparkle in the light. Celebrate your love for nature with a woodland wonderland Christmas! Using whites, browns, and varying shades of green with some red accents you can turn your home into a beautiful Christmas forest. With just a few quick DIY decorations and unique ornaments, you’ll be living in a woodland wonderland!

Woodland Wonderland and Wildlife Ornaments at the Montana Gift Corral

    The most crucial decoration for Christmas is the Christmas tree and a woodland Christmas is no different! To look like the gorgeous woodland outside, a fun way to decorate your Christmas tree is with Flock! Gently wet your tree (real or fake) and then sprinkle the flock over the tree, wet the flock and watch as it fluffs up and sticks to the tree! Once the flock has dried you can add the garland, lights, and ornaments! Silver, brown, or white tinsel would love beautiful nestled amongst the snowy branches. However, birch bark paper rolled into a paper chain would be a fun D.I.Y. project and would look beautiful in your tree. Once your Christmas tree has its lights and garland, it’s time to add the ornaments! Wildlife ornaments are a fantastic way to decorate a woodland wonderland! Snowy owls, pinecone bears and foxes with scarves will look adorably natural nestled amongst the pine and birch!

Woodland Wonderland Christmas Setting with Montana Gift Corral

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    But why stop with just nestling them in the tree? With so much wonderful wildlife, decorating your home with them will be an easy task! Use more of the beautiful birch paper and some strands of pine to decorate shelves and mantelpieces. Nestle different wildlife decorations and ornaments amongst the bows to add an adorable twist. To make it even better, wrap extra sheets of birch paper around votive candles to give them a woodland wonderland feel!



Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Christmas theme for How to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Setting this Holiday Season with the Montana Gift Corral

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    “Silver and gold, silver and gold. Mean so much more when I see, silver and gold decorations on every Christmas tree.” A popular Christmas scene inspired by the beauty and elegance of the snow and ice blowing outside is silver and gold. Pair the beautiful silver of snow with the warm gold of candlelight and you will have an elegant Christmas scene. Couple it with accents of white and a pale blue and you will have a winter wonderland right in the middle of your home!

Silver and Golf Christmas theme for How to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Setting this Holiday Season  with the Montana Gift Corral

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     If you are using a fake tree for Christmas, I highly recommend using a white Christmas tree for the Silver and Gold Christmas scene. However, there is a fun way to add a touch of winter to your Christmas tree, real or not. Flock is a white substance made of many small fiber particles that becomes fluffy and adhesive when added to water. With the help of a little flock and a spray bottle, you can make it look like your Christmas tree is covered in beautiful fluffy snow. To add to the beautiful winter tree, wrap it in white Christmas lights and some white and gold tinsel. Decorate your tree in snowflake ornaments to add to the snowy effect. To give it a splash of color add some pale blue and gold ornaments, maybe even some of the shimmery icicle style ornaments.

Silver and Gold Christmas Theme for How to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Setting this Holiday Season with the Montana Gift Corral

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    Once your Christmas tree is elegantly decked out in its silver and gold, you can turn your attention to the rest of your home. White reindeer are a popular Christmas decoration add a perfect addition to your Silver and Gold theme. Decorate your mantelpiece with a classic nativity scene, the silver gowns, and gold hay will compliment the rest of the room perfectly. Decorative candle holders with white votive candles on either side will add a warm glow to the scene. Wrap up your winter wonderland with a classic Christmas wreath decorated with some flock to match your beautiful tree!



Santa’s Workshop

Santa's Workshop Christmas Setting this Holiday season with Montana Gift Corral

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    One of the best parts of Christmas is watching the way kids light up with absolute joy. Christmas morning gets a renewed sense of excitement when you have kids or little siblings running around, watching their wonder and excitement when they see that Santa has come warms the heart. Their delighted laughter makes all of the stress and planning worth it, and bringing so much happiness to someone else is one of the true meanings of the holiday season. A fun way to decorate for Christmas is to make it feel like you just stepped into Santa’s workshop!

Santa's Workshop fun DIY Felt Garland Create the Perfect Christmas Setting this holiday season with Montana Gift Corral

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    The best way to make it feel like you just stepped into a Toyland is to use bright and vibrant colors! Anyone looking to create a Santa’s workshop Christmas scene shouldn’t restrict themselves to just red, green, gold, and white. Christmas is a time for fun and excitement! This year decorate your Christmas tree with multi-colored Christmas lights to add an enchanting effect. For garland gather the kids together and try some fun new DIY projects! You can use colorful construction paper to make fun paper-chains. Or you can gather up some felt and other assorted fabrics and make some garland from felt balls or ribbons! While you’re at it you can have the kids make fun and cute ornaments to hang on the tree that doubles as sweet keepsakes. Paint their hands to make unique ornaments that you can treasure for years to come!

DIY Kid Wreaths for the Perfect Christmas Setting this Holiday Season with Montana Gift Corral

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    The D.I.Y Christmas decorations don’t have to stop with the Christmas tree! The holiday season is a time to celebrate your loved ones and what better way to do that then spending time with them? Making decorations with your kids will be a fun and creative way to pass the time and spend together this Christmas. A fun and simple way to make a Christmas wreath with the kids is to cut a wreath shape out of some cardboard. Have the kids paint the wreath and then decorate it with various items like pom poms, sequins, and felt shapes! You could have each child decorate their own unique wreath or have them work together to make one giant one! Maybe you want to try your hand at a felt wreath? Or make the wreaths even more personal and have the kids trace their hands on green paper and glue their handprints around the wreath! Whatever DIY craft you decide to make you and your kids are sure to have fun decorating the house this year!


    Christmas is a fun and wonderful time! It’s a time to celebrate the things that mean the most to you. And one of the best ways to do that is to decorate your home! Decorating your home to create a gorgeous Christmas setting is a great way to show off some of the things that make your heart sing! Whether Christmas is a chance to celebrate the beauty of the nature around you, a family tradition, or a chance for you to make new traditions with your children it's one of the most wonderful times of the year! And this Christmas make your home look as wonderful as you feel!

By: Issa Rabideaux


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