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Old Truck With Tree Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • 4''
  • Hand Painted
  • Made in America

Do you remember trudging through the snow with your family, the frosty cold biting at your face as you quietly watched your dad cut down the Christmas tree with an ax or chainsaw in awe, and then hauling the tree back to the truck in the freezing cold, knowing you'll have a warm cup of cocoa and a lovely tree to decorate for the rest of the evening? With the Old Truck With Tree Ornament by Old World Christmas, you can let dad know that you'll never forget those precious moments. The ornament is an older model truck that is colored in a flashy red gloss, with a beautiful pine Christmas tree resting in the bed - sure to be a family favorite for years to come!

Old World Christmas was founded in 1979, and using methods developed in the 1800s to create their products, have become a trusted and cherished friend in the Christmas ornament industry. With over 1400 designs under their name, there is something for everyone at Old World Christmas!

If you can still feel the comfort and warmth of watching your parents trail out ahead of you to find the perfect Christmas tree, honor their love this Christmas with the Old Truck With Tree Ornament by Old World Christmas.