Montana Wedding Planning: Wedding Registry Services at Montana Gift Corral

There's no denying that the folks at Montana Gift Corral love wedding season.

We can't help it! Montana wedding ceremonies are some of the most idyllic venues in the country - which is why we want to help make yours happen with our wedding registry service.


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The wedding registry service allows a you or your wedding planner to go to visit or call any of our brick-and-mortar locations (downtown, mall and Walmart shops only) and identify a list of products that you would like to receive as gifts.

We'll write up a registry of your favorite items the old-fashioned way, plain and simple. 


Montana Gift Corral wedding registry

 Wedding Tip: Free gift wrapping at the downtown location!


That's all! Be sure to let your wedding guests know about the registry and we'll help them select your favorite gifts! 

Contact us to setup a registry today!


By Zach Altman


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