Montana Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2021

Growing up, I remember watching how excited my father would get around Valentine's Day. He always showed my mother unconditional love, but this day especially was one of his favorites. He has a poetic heart, and every 14th of February he would express himself in amazing ways. From cards to gifts, each year had its own spin with a heartfelt, sentimental message. Valentine's Day was more of a reassurance day, and they made each other know that they were loved.

Usually, the day ended up with "honey, you shouldn't have," no matter how large or small the gift was. 

This always made me chuckle inside, because I could see that my mother was excited, but keeping composure was key and alluded to her beautiful innocence. These two are who taught me love, therefore I'm excited to continue to help others share their love in special ways!

Being a photographer, I'm always excited to capture special moments with people. Capturing the smile is one of the most satisfying shots a photographer can capture, but I can't be there for all of you to capture your excitement. Instead, we created a Valentine's Day Gift Guide that will help you grab that perfect gift for that special someone. I hope that you encompass those same feelings my parents shared with each other, and we're excited to be able and help your Valentine's Day turn out more than perfect!

Here are a few of our favorite companies that have a few things we think you'll love.

Clay in Motion

piggy bank by Clay in Motion

hand warmer mug by clay in motion

When it comes to saving up, every penny counts! Keep track of your coins with these adorable porcelain Piggy Banks by Clay in Motion! Complete with a jumbo cork for when you need to tap into that rainy day fund, these piggy banks are available in several glazes: blue, green, and brown.

Clay in Motion is a small family business based in Oregon that specializes in beautiful, functional clay products for the home. Each handmade, hand-decorated piece is kiln-fired at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that they are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe! They mix their own glazes for optimal quality control while choosing to use the highest grade clay for all Clay in Motion products. When you purchase a Clay in Motion piece, you know you are getting top-notch, American-made quality!


Just Bee Cosmetics 

Soy Beeswax Candle by Just Bee Cosmetics

Looking for a clean candle with a wonderful scent? Look no further than the Soy Beeswax Candles from Just Bee Cosmetics. Founded by Ben and Sarah Mitzelfelt, this couple loves beekeeping and bees. Taking up the tradition from Ben's father, they harvest all of their beeswax from their own hives. Mixing 100% beeswax with a little soy and a little coconut oil, you have the recipe for a fantastic candle. Finish it off with a cotton wick, and this is the type of candle that wouldn't leave major amounts of soot on your ceiling and walls.

They have 11 scents to choose from, which means you're probably going to want more than one. Even though the burn time is 70 hours on these 13 oz candles, you can never have a stockpile of candles too big. From summer scents to Christmas smells, you can keep your house smelling fresh and invigorating all year long. They use essential oils to give these candles naturally wonderful fragrances. A Soy Beeswax Candle by Just Bee Cosmetics is just what your home needs!


Rocky Mountain Leaf Company

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company began in 1974 back in Aspen, Colorado. I'm especially fond of this company being from Colorado myself. Along with myself, Rocky Mountain Leaf Company has seen the area grow from a quaint mountain town to a world-class ski resort. Freddie Fisher was one of the first to use a process that captured real leaves and used them to create a mold and craft jewelry that resembled all the definitions that were in the leaf. He passed down his techniques and the company still lives on today in Golden, Colorado! Montana Gift Corral carries many products from Rocky Mountain Leaf Company and we're excited to have them as part of the Montana Gift Corral family!


DaySpa Body Basics

From Missoula, Montana to your home, DAYSPA Body Basics has been providing all natural products that you can trust on your skin. Starting out as concerned parents, they took their passion to the next level by helping bring all natural products that don't kill the budget. Since DAYSPA Body Basics is from Missoula, Montana, you are sure to get that same quality that comes with being Made in Montana. We love our Missoula neighbors, and we know you will too. DAYSPA Body Basics has products for men and women. (hey men, that beard balm really does wonders...)


Windrift Hill

A family business run out of Conrad, Montana, Windrift Hill seeks to provide natural bath and body products that offer healing qualities to help skin hold up against the dry Montana weather. Created from milk from Dick and Deena Maier's Nubian goats, these products are a true treat! As one of our best sellers, Windrift Hill is not only local for us, but you can be sure of the quality and passion as we track this product directly to the source!

Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable with Montana Gift Corral. Be sure to visit our Valentines Day Gift Guide and let us help take some of the load off on the 14th.

Love is in the air!




Written by Chris Wood

Images by Zach Altman & Chris Wood

Last updated: Feburary 5, 2021

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