Desert Springs Jungle Horizon Candle by Himalayan Trading Post


SKU: 79998


  • Great smelling
  • Montana inspired
  • Long lasting

These are some of the most unique candles you will ever see! Everything is handmade with care, and attention to detail you will not be disappointed with! The glass is hand blown and the wax is hand poured with two wicks to give you an even burn. These candles are amazing for adding an extra atmosphere to any room in your house. Feel free to light your home and be transported to another time or place with these unique candles designed with vintage moods in mind.

The Himalayan Trading Post prides themselves on creating an experience with their candles. From the vessels they use to the wax they pour, they ensure you have an experience with every aspect of their products. The Montana Gift Corral loves carrying their candles because of how unique they are and how lovely they smell.