Nativity Half Round Ornament by EarthWood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 56228
  • Height: 2"
  • Crafted from Authentic Olive Wood
  • Handmade in Bethlehem

It's finally time to get started decorating the most beautiful Christmas tree your home has seen! When it comes to pulling together the perfect rustic-inspired holiday tree, there is no better addition than a heartfelt ornament from EarthWood! Featuring a beautiful nativity scene, the Nativity Half-Round Ornament by EarthWood will make a wonderful Christian-inspired accent to your home this Christmas season! Crafted from authentic olive wood sourced from the holy land, and handmade in Bethlehem, this unique ornament will always remind you that there is a true reason for the season - celebrating the birth of Christ! 

EarthWood a USA-based company, is known for its collaboration with the Giacaman family in Bethlehem. This family sources, handcrafts, and distributes beautiful holiday decor that brings joy and hope to homes all around the world! With a vast selection of Christmas ornaments crafted from authentic olive wood, we know you will love EarthWood just as much as we do.

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