Encounters in Yellowstone: The Nez Perce Summer of 1877 by M. Mark Miller


SKU: 78405
  • 176 Pages
  • Written by M. Mark Miller
  • Published by TwoDot

If you are in the mood for a highly-intriguing book, based on true occurrences, you need to get your hands on Encounters in Yellowstone: The Nez Perce Summer of 1877 by M. Mark Miller. This novel highlights the rocky relationship and real confrontations between the Nez Perce and Yellowstone Park Tourists during the summer of 1877. Pick up this must-have to learn more about "Emma Cowan’s watching Indians shoot her husband in the head and then taking her captive; Andrew Weikert’s blazing gun battles when he tries to rescue friends missing after an Indian attack, and George Cowan’s six-mile crawl to get help after he was shot three times and left for dead". Sound like something you'd be interested in? This well-known paperback novel tells these true stories in a way that will have you hooked. 

M. Mark Miller, the author that wrote Encounters in Yellowstone, is a 5th-generation Montanan who grew just 90 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park. As a young child, Miller's grandmother would read his stories of his father's adventures through the park, and as such, ignited a flame inside of him. M. Mark Miller wrote this thrilling novel with his passion for Yellowstone National Park in mind, and it totally paid off!

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