Aspen Triple Necklace by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company


SKU: 73988


  • Approx. 18" chain
  • Made with real aspen leaves
  • Anti-tarnish finish

Accessorize with nature when you wear the Aspen Triple Necklace by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company. Having crafted beautiful jewelry since 1974, Rocky Mountain Leaf Company has perfected this unique art of using real leaves, acorns, and pine needles in their jewelry. All of the pieces are hand-made in Colorado using a unique electroplating process. First, the leaves are stripped of any organic material so that the only thing remaining is the vein structure. Then, all the leaves are coated in copper to make sure they are giving a solid base. The last step is to coat the leaves in 24K gold, iridescent copper, and fine silver.

What this process means is that each piece of jewelry is totally and utterly unique. Just like leaves in nature, no one will have the exact same necklace as you. Because of the unique combination of metals, this piece pairs well with any outfit. Whether dressing up for the night or simply looking to add to your on-the-go outfit, you'll be happy with the way this beautiful necklace shines in the light. We're certain you'll receive loads of comments on this beautiful piece of jewelry. Celebrate nature and your own personal style with the Aspen Triple Necklace by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company!