Avocado Toast Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 79445


  • 1.25 X 3 X 3.25
  • Mouth Blown Glass
  • Made in the USA

Imagine you wake up on a sunny summer morning, and head into your kitchen. As you open your pantry, you are delighted to see that you have some freshly baked bread on hand! You enthusiastically toast your bread while grabbing some perfectly ripe avocado. Adding spices, cheese, hummus, and/or hummus, you nestle down on your front porch! After preparing your fresh avocado toast, you sit back and wonder if there ever has been a more perfect breakfast meal!

Avocado toast, while being a trendy dish, is truly here to stay. There is nothing better than this light meal on any given morning. If you are a huge avocado toast fan, make sure to grab yourself the Avocado Toast Ornament by Old World Christmas this beautiful Christmas ornament is the perfect way to add a touch of deliciousness to your holiday home decor. Each and every Ornament from Old World Christmas is carefully crafted to exceed quality standards. First, each glass ornament is mouth-blown into finely carved molds, then a solution of liquid silver is added to the mold, finally, the ornaments are hand-painted and hand-glittered for a truly distinct finish!

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