Birdhouse Greeting Card by Quilling Card


SKU: 77592


  • Measures 6" by 6"
  • Includes coordinating envelope
  • Blank inside

Spring is always a lovely time in Montana. From the stunning wildlife that awakens from winter to the vibrant blue sky that stays around all year, spring in Montana is truly a thing of beauty. What better way to celebrate those springtime occasions than with a quilling card! The Birdhouse Greeting Card by Quilling Card features a beautiful birdhouse complete with flowers and a couple of birds! The process of quilling is amazing. Using small strips of paper, craftsman roll and shape them to create the look of each image. This process actually dates all the way back to ancient Egypt! So amazing!

Quilling Card is a great company that strives to spread the art of quilling to all corners of the globe. Each card made is a labor of love as every card takes one hour to make. After deciding to leave marketing for large corporations to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the art of quilling, Huong Nguyen Wolf and her husband Raphael have made a flourishing greeting card company that doesn't just send you typical cards, but rather works of art!

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