Buffalo Dream Catcher by El Paso Trading Post - 2"


SKU: 75231


  • 2" Size
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality

Dreamcatchers originate from Native American culture. These intricate creations have been used for centuries to protect individuals from nightmares and bad dreams! Dreamcatchers are believed to act like a spider web during the night, capturing any bad dreams before they can reach you. If you have been looking for a beautiful dreamcatcher inspired by Native American culture, make sure to pick up our Buffalo Dream Catcher by El Paso Trading Post. Measuring 2" in diameter, this brown dream catcher is the perfect keepsake to keep your bad dreams at bay. Plus, did we mention they are simply beautiful? Win-win!

Located in Vinton, TX, El Paso Trading Post is a company well-known for carrying a range of fine arts and gifts. This family-owned brand is committed to offering environmentally compliant products that we know you will love. Featuring unique, whimsical, and nature-inspired items, El Paso Trading Post is a new staff favorite here at Montana Gift Corral!

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