Champagne Flute Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 79444


  • 5" tall and 1 1/4" long
  • Handmade
  • Hand-painted and glittered

Celebrate the holidays with a glass of bubbly that never goes empty! This Champagne Flute Ornament by Old World Christmas is one of those wonderful holiday decorations that you can keep up passed Christmas. You can keep it up until New Year's and ring in the holiday in style! Each Old World Christmas glass ornament is made of molten glass injected into a mold and then finished with hot silver inside to harden up the glass. Once cooled, the glass ornaments are painted and glittered by hand to give them extra sparkle amongst your Christmas lights. So, you know you're getting something really high quality but also extremely beautiful.

Did you know that champagne flutes are designed specifically for the beverage itself? Champagne actually emits 30 bubbles per second, which if poured in a shorter glass, will bubble over. The tall flute allows for the bubbles to occur naturally without a drop of that delicious drink spilling over the glass. Champagne is also the symbol of good luck, which is why it's used for toast and celebration on New Year's Eve. Everyone could use good luck going into a brand new year! With this glass Christmas ornament, hopefully, you can bring that luck into your life for longer than it takes to drink a glass of champagne. So, cheers to you and cheers to this Champagne Flute Ornament by Old World Christmas!