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Chickadee Claus II by Santa's Workshop


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  • Measures approx. 15" tall
  • Crafted from resin, polycotton, mohair
  • Perfect collector's item!

Dressed in a brown burlap coat with lovely fur trim, Santa Claus is ready to deliver his best hand-made birdhouses to all of the nice chickadees nationwide. Santa is known for his love for birds, and is dedicated to providing them a safe and warm home to reside in! If you are too, a bird lover, you need to get your hands on the Chickadee Claus II by Santa's Workshop. This unique Santa stands 15" high, and is the perfect addition to any tabletop that needs a touch of Christmas flair! Stay true to your earthy and western-inspired home decor with this unique piece!

Not only does Santa love his bird friends, but they adore him! These adorable birds patiently wait all year long for their intricately made birdhouses, that only Santa can create with his magical touch! Nothing keeps them warmer than the heartfelt gifts from Santa Claus. Pick up this adorable holiday figurine to invoke feelings of warmth and graciousness. We guarantee it will make your day!

Santa is known to supply fun gifts to all of the nice children around the world. If you are looking for a traditionally festive Santa figurine, check out the Santa with List by Santa's Workshop.