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Christmas Cookbook Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • 5''
  • Hand Painted

The holiday season is filled with delectable treats and delicious foods, usually cooked by Mom and Dad. Almost anybody can think of a special treat that only comes around once a year; whether its pork tenderloin or Swedish meatballs. This holiday season, choose to immortalize all of the sacrifices those who cook for us at Christmas have made, and get the Christmas Cookbook Ornament by Old World Christmas! Beautifully decorated with festive mistletoe, the ornament resembles a holiday cookbook that could only contain the most scrumptious holiday treats and is sure to be found in any loving home around the holiday season!

Old World Christmas was founded in 1979, and using methods developed in the 1800's to create their intricate ornaments, have become a trusted friend in the Christmas ornament industry. With over 1400 designs accredited to there name, they offer one of the largest selections of ornaments in the U.S. with pieces ranging from whimsical to traditional. With that many choices, there is something for everyone at Old World Christmas.

Maybe you remember Mom grabbing her special cookbook that only came out around Christmas, maybe you have fond memories of hanging out in the kitchen with grandma, learning how to read recipes and cook, all while watching the snow fall through the window. No matter what your memory is, this holiday season pay it tribute with the Christmas Cookbook Ornament by Old World Christmas!