Delivering Christmas Mini Lighted Print by Glow Decor


Brand: Glow Decor
SKU: 78973


  • Measures 8" by 6"
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Stays on for 6 hours

We all know that Santa has one of the most important jobs! In this Delivering Christmas Mini Lighted Print by Glow Decor, you can commemorate that momentous event with your holiday decorating! Santa is at his happiest when Christmas Even rolls around. With a pre-flight check of the sleigh and head pats for all of the reindeer, they dash away, dash away to get the gifts to all the good little girls and boys. This lit art piece captures that moment in time. An idyllic winter town glows below his sleigh. Are all the little children asleep and awaiting Santa to come down the chimney? We hope so! Otherwise, Santa won't stop at their homes!

Glow Decor is based out of southern Oregon and believes in the sparkle and shine of decorating for the holidays. There is something so special about the glow of Christmas lights. Because the days are shorter and we are often coming home in the dark, coming home to a little bit of extra twinkle is always a good thing. Imagine walking into your dark home after a hard day's work and seeing the beautiful lights of your Christmas tree paired with this gorgeous little Christmas scene. Because it only measures 8" tall and 6" wide, it won't take up a lot of room. It's the perfect addition to your well-curated Christmas display. With an easel back, you'll surely find the perfect place to set it. Celebrate the season with the Delivering Christmas Mini Lighted Print by Glow Decor.