Garnet Big Sky Necklace by Montana Leather Designs


SKU: 80437


  • 16" L
  • Multi-strand leather necklace
  • Made in MT

Here in Montana, leather jewelry is a hot commodity. This being said, it is important to find products that are both high quality, and beautiful! Trust us when we say that nobody likes to sacrifice beauty for quality. Luckily, with the products from Montana Leather Designs, this issue is a thing of the past! The Garnet Big Sky Necklace by Montana Leather Designs is a stunning leather design that is sure to wow you. Featuring a stunning bead alongside a multi-strand necklace with pops of black and brown leather, we are sure that this necklace will amp up any of your rustic-styled outfits. With exceptional craftsmanship, you can rest assured that this unique design will be a go-to piece for years to come!

Montana Leather Designs, a company based in Stevensville MT, is well-known for its one-of-a-kind leather designs. From braided bracelets to necklaces, and even designs featuring handcrafted enameled beads, Montana Leather Designs is no stranger to producing jewelry that is beloved by many. If you a looking for an extraordinary western jewelry artist, Montana Leather Designs is undeniably the designer for you. 

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