Gold Pine Cone Pendant by Nature Cast Metalworks


SKU: 60052


  • Chain Measures 18" L
  • Made in USA
  • Nature-Inspired Design

What better symbol of the forest than a pinecone? They carry the seeds that allow new trees to grow, but they also make great necklace inspiration! The Gold Pine Cone Pendant by Nature Cast Metalworks features a stunning hand-made gold pinecone that is perfect for showing off on the trail! Here in Bozeman alone, we have over 70 scenic trails that are perfect for getting in a good sweat, and shaking off the stressors of day-to-day life. Embrace nature with this necklace as well!

Based right here in the United States, Nature Cast Metalworks is a company that is known for taking its inspiration straight from wildlife to give you some of the best looking jewelry. From post earrings to dangle earrings and distinct necklaces, this company has what you need to add some natural spice to any outfit. Plus, you can take pride in supporting a USA-based company!

Gold not your color? Check out the Pinecone Pendant by Nature Cast Metalworks!