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Holiday Clydesdale Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • 3.23"
  • Hand Painted

Originating in the Clydesdale region (now Lanarkshire) of Scotland in the early 1800's, this breed of horse is known for its enormous size and strength, in addition to its intelligence and agreeable nature, and are considered treasured and life-long work partners. In the United States, they are better associated today with the imagery promoted by Budweiser, and have gained an undeniable connection with the Christmas season - nothing says 'sleigh-ride' quite like one of these fellers! This Holiday Clydesdale Ornament by Old World Christmas provides a wonderful counterpart to this marvelous breed, and is fit to grace the branches of your Christmas tree this year!

A family-run business since 1979, Old World Christmas offers a delightfully vast array of strange and wonderful Christmas Ornaments to fit every interest, age, and decorating style. Ranging from traditional to whimsical, these ornaments are all created with the same care and process; the ornaments are carefully mouth-blown into a mold, then cooled, hand painted, and glittered with a wonderful attention to detail noticeable in each piece! Let your Christmas tree reflect your particular interests and personality this year with ornaments from Old World Christmas!