Marrakesh 2 in 1 Measuring Spoon by Totally Bamboo


SKU: 81364


  • Features measurement for 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon
  • Approx. 9 inches long
  • Crafted from layered birch wood

Add a delightful twist to your culinary experience with the Marrakesh 2 in 1 Measuring Spoon by Totally Bamboo. This beautifully crafted measurement spoon is the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen and baking endeavor, boasting a colorful and eye-catching design. With a teaspoon and tablespoon capacity at each end, the Marrakesh 2 in 1 will add a dash of sophistication and exclusivity to every dish. To clean, just hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure to not soak or wash in the dishwasher!

Based out of San Marcos, California, Totally Bamboo takes great pride in providing high quality bamboo utensils to last you for years. Did you know that bamboo actually has a higher strength than common utensil materials and it's also more sustainable than other woods because when harvested, the roots actually stay in the ground to regrow the stalk. 

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