Milk Chocolate Huckleberry Bon Bons by Huckleberry Haven (3 sizes)


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  • Made in Montana
  • Ingredients: milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), easy fond (pure cane sugar containing invert), wild huckleberries, binasol (tapioca flour), salt, perfecto invertase (glycerol and invertase), citric acid, butter (pasteurized cream and salt), antioxidant (sweet almond oil and natural flavor), natural and artificial huckleberry flavor (water, alcohol, sugar, citric acid), water
  • Due to extreme summer temperatures between June 1st and Sept. 15, we recommend expedited shipping when purchasing chocolate or candy to prevent melting. Please call (406)388-7369 for expedited shipping. Thank You!

The Milk Chocolate Huckleberry Bon Bon is a delicious little chocolate treat from Huckleberry Haven. Don't let this delicious little morsel fool you though. It is packed with flavor! Drenched in a decadent layer of creamy milk chocolate, the inside of this little bon bon is a complete burst of bright huckleberry cream. Made with real wild huckleberries and added flavoring to enhance that natural essence of this mountain berry, you are in for a real treat! The nice thing about these yummy bon bons is that they are individually wrapped. If you need just one to curb your huckleberry craving, you can have just one! Don't blame us if you can't stop though! And of course, there's nothing sweeter than giving huckleberry gifts to someone you love! 

Huckleberry Haven is located just outside of Glacier National Park where they have been specializing in the robust flavor of huckleberry products since 1987. Each huckleberry grows completely unattended in the wild and must be handpicked every summer. A coridal is the perfect fun-sized way to satisfy a little chocolate craving. These are the perfect on-the-go treat for little kids and people who love rich chocolate. Unwrap a Milk Chocolate Huckleberry Bon Bon by Huckleberry Haven and be absolutely prepared to become addicted!