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Montana Copper Mule Mug by Americaware


SKU: 79876
  • 16 oz. Copper Mug
  • Relief Moscow Mule Mug
  • Wildlife-Inspired Design

Cool off this summer with an ice-cold Moscow Mule served in a classic 100% pure copper Montana Copper Mule Mug by Americaware. From dinner parties to backyard BBQs, this mug adds a stylish touch to any event. Wherever the wild takes you, make sure you take this mug with you! Perfect for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and globetrotters alike - get your hands on one today!

For decades, Americaware has been proudly providing travelers and commuters with quality, spill-free coffee mugs. From its beginnings as the Feltman-Langer Company in the 1980s, to becoming one of the nation’s leading producers of souvenir goods, Americaware has made a lasting impact on those who enjoy bringing their coffee with them wherever they go. Now, they have expanded their selection to include many sentimental keepsakes, including these fun Montana Copper Mule Mugs!

Looking for a traditional coffee mug to add to your collection? The Green Yellowstone Copper Medallion Mug by Americaware is the perfect keepsake from the Big Sky State!