Montana Pink Glitter Can Cooler by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 63229


  • Made of neoprene
  • Branded with Montana
  • Stitched sides with durability

Don't you want to rep your favorite state any time you have a cold pop or beer in your hand? With this Montana Pink Glitter Can Cooler by The Hamilton Group, you can make sure that your drink stays cold while you show your love for Montana. Plus, if you're a glittery gal, it's very important that you have glitter accessories in all things. And the image and font on this cooler are just plain fun! Everyone will definitely know that you love Montana because of the big pink hearts, and the subtle hearts in the As in Montana! So no matter if you're on a boat or around a campfire, you'll be reppin' in style! 

The Hamilton Group is a Montana-based souvenir company that has been in business for 63 years! With a legacy like that, you know that they know what they're doing. As one of our long-standing partners, we know that The Hamilton Group works hard to provide us with a wide range of unique Montana souvenirs and gifts for people who love Montana and for people who love to visit. As a family-owned company, we look forward to working with them every year! So crack a cold one, but keep it cold with this Montana Pink Glitter Can Cooler by The Hamilton Group!