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Montana Sasquatch Magnet by Iron Bark Designs (multiple colors)


SKU: 79883


  • Made in Bozeman, MT
  • Measures 5 1/2" long and 3 1/2" tall
  • Because of the variety of colors, we cannot guarantee your color choice. Please list your top 3 colors in the order comments. Returns will not be honored based on color choice. Thank you for understanding!

The elusive sasquatch is a classic character of the northwest. Commemorate this icon with a Montana Sasquatch Magnet by Iron Bark Designs! The stories and legends of Bigfoot are known far and wide. People driving along those lonesome Montana roads at night often report seeing a huge, shaggy creature darting in and out of the trees. Hikers deep in the woods tell tales of those odd shapes you catch from time to time out of the corner of your eye. Could it be this famous cryptid? While we're not sure if he's real or not, it's fun to think about him and his connection to Montana.

Iron Bark Designs, which is the creation of a husband and wife who live in Bozeman, Montana, enjoy incorporating real Montana inspiration into all of their pieces. From the color choices of this magnet to the adventures of sasquatch, you're getting something that really is truly Montana-made from inspiration to finished product. All of the metalwork is done with a laser cutter and powder coated. With an extra-strong magnet, you also know that you can hang this on any metal surface and it's sure to keep your precious lists in place. From fridge to toolbox, imagine all the places you'll be able to display your Montana Sasquatch Magnet by Iron Bark Designs.