Porch Swing Jarred Wax Melts by Montana Farmhouse Candles


SKU: 82381
  • Made in Hamilton, MT
  • 6 oz of Square Wax Melts (approx 14)
  • 16 oz Mason Jar

Celebrate life and love with Montana Farmhouse Candles! The Porch Swing Jarred Wax Melts are a perfect blend of freshness and depth, bringing families together for a truly enchanting experience. Feel the nostalgia of summer days with top notes of quaking aspen leaves, cedar, and mint, middle notes of pine and moss, and base notes of smoke and vanilla! Each reusable mason jar contains 6 oz of square-shaped wax melts, perfect for creating a pleasant ambiance in any space.

Escape to the wooded hills, farmlands, and rivers of Montana with the beautifully crafted, perfectly fragranced Montana Farmhouse Candles! Hand-poured with quality soy wax and fragrances, these candles bring the essence of Montana to your home - just one whiff will whisk you away to a nostalgic porch swing surrounded by those you know and love most. Add a special touch to your living space with this MT-based company's one-of-a-kind scents!

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