Rock Creek Wilderness Bracelet by Montana Leather Designs


SKU: 80433


  • Measures approx. 7" 
  • Made in Montana
  • Silver-plated bead

Compliment any style with this rugged Rock Creek Wilderness Bracelet by Montana Leather Designs. Everything about this beautiful bracelet is designed to allow you to accessorize your look while also being adventurous. The leather itself is stitched and sewn for durability. The silver-plated bead is meant to look like the speckled back of a trout as seen gliding elegantly through the cool waters of those beautiful Montana streams. Each bracelet is finished with an extremely sturdy magnetic clasp that will absolutely not come apart while you're out exploring the beauties of Montana.

Montana Leather Designs is all hand-made by artist Olive Parker who has foundational teaching in the skilled craft of saddle making. Using that artistry she loves and the impact of the Rocky Mountain region, she creates wearable works of art. Able to incorporate found pieces such as feathers and some rocks, she also works to find ways a western woman's perspective can be channeled into her work. Elegant and understated, this line of Montana made jewelry is really just the perfect way to showcase a bit of the wild outdoors in everything that you wear. The Rock Creek Wilderness Bracelet by Montana Leather Designs will quickly become a fast favorite of yours!