Santa's Furry Friends Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 67292
  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • 5 ½”
  • Hand Painted Design

Who knew jolly St. Nick was such an animal lover? Well, probably anyone could have guessed; but now with the Santa’s Furry Friends Ornament by Old World Christmas, you can justify all those gifts labeled ‘To Fido, From Santa’ hanging out under your tree. Additionally, this ornament practically radiates traditional Christmas charm, and is sure to captivate any holiday visitor, young or old, two-footed or four!

Old World Christmas offers quality traditional blown-glass ornaments in a variety of styles and designs for affordable prices. With over 1400 different ornament designs available, Old World Christmas is the perfect stop for the holiday enthusiast! Each ornament is carefully blown into a unique mold, then cooled, hand painted, and glittered with a focus on detail reflective of the quality of the company itself. This year, find a new favorite that will hang on your tree for years to come!