Sasquatch Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 76317


  • Made from mouth-blown glass
  • Handpainted and glittered
  • Measures approx. 5" tall and 2" wide

This fun and funky Sasquatch Ornament by Old World Christmas is part of the glass ornament collection you've come to know and love from the Merck family! Old World Christmas makers follow the process and traditions of glass blowing that began sometime in the 1800s. Each design is exclusive to Old World Christmas, so all of the handmade molds help produce these fine-quality Christmas ornaments when molten glass is blown inside them. Hot silver is then poured inside the glass to help reinforce it should the ornament tragically fall from your tree. The final step, once cooled, is to apply the paint and glittery for this shimmering little beauty!

Sasquatch, Big Foot, whatever you want to call him, is a legend known far and wide in the Pacific Northwest. While no one has any scientifically documented proof of this elusive creature, stories and legends passed down by travelers and locals alike in the area. This ornament is crafted in the classic look we see in all those blurry photos! Almost ape-like, he is covered in long, brown, shaggy hair from head to toe. Around his face, hands, and feet, the fur is shorter and his facial features more accentuated. Old World Christmas jazzes up that look with some glitter, of course! For the sasquatch collector in your life, they definitely need the Sasquatch Ornament by Old World Christmas!