Single Use Bath Salts by Windrift Hill (12 scents)


SKU: 69910
  • 5 oz. bag
  • 2 varieties available
  • Made in Montana

There is nothing quite as relaxing as lighting a candle and soaking in a warm bath. Bathing has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to your muscles, joints, and bones, and is just an excellent way to decompress! Make your bath that much better with the wonderful Bath Salts by Windrift Hill. With 4 scents to choose from, these single-use packets will make you feel like you've got your own at-home spa! The combination of mineral-rich sea salts and skin softening oils delivers a luxurious escape that will allow you to put all of your worries aside. Restore skin moisture and relieve stress with this convenient 5 oz. bags.

A family business run out of Conrad, Montana, Windrift Hill seeks to provide natural bath and body products that offer healing qualities to help skin hold up against the dry Montana weather. Created from milk from Dick and Deena Maier's Nubian goats, these products are a true treat! Get your hands on a few of these all-natural single-use bath salt packs by Windrift Hill, they are flying off the shelves!

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