T. Rex Generations by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 78083


  • Written and Illustrated by Ted Rechlin
  • 96 pages long
  • Hardcover design

Enter the strange time of the Mesozoic era, with Ted Rechlin, an author and illustrator known for his educational graphic novels. One of our favorite books from this author is definitely, T. Rex Generations by Ted Rechlin. In this fun novel, Cobalt, a t-rex, navigates the struggles of protecting his offspring and wanders the wild and fascinating terrain that was prehistoric Montana. This fun children's book uses the latest scientific findings that accurately showcase this t-rex's wild adventures! If you've been looking for a book that will keep your kiddo entertained the hours, T. Rex Generations by Ted Rechlin is definitely the way to go!

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Ted Rechlin has a lifelong experience of drawing and telling stories. While his writing level has exponentially changed, his topics have basically remained the same. You will find Ted writing about superheroes, dinosaurs, sharks, and even monsters. Cool! Ted Rechlin is nationally known for his contributions to museums, zoos, and publishing companies across much of the U.S. In fact, he has even contributed to DC comics!

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