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The Montana Hucklebasket by Montana Gift Corral


SKU: 76711

Is this out of stock? Build your own Hucklebasket with what we have in stock here: https://bit.ly/Hucklebasket

Gift Basket Includes:

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Huckleberry lovers rejoice! Just when you thought you'd had everything huckleberry under the sun, we roll out the Montana Hucklebasket! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a huckleberry array like you've never seen before with a variety of foods, body products, and all Montana-made goodness! With some of our most favorite Montana creators, you get a little bit of everything from our state's favorite berry. Foodies will love huckleberry jam, ice cream topping, gummy grizzlies, caramels, and lollipops. With such a variety you can share with your favorite foodies . . . or not!

Then, envelop yourself in a little huckleberry relaxation. With huckleberry soap, lotion, and a scented candle, you'll be fully immersed in your own personal huckleberry patch! Our Hucklebasket truly is one of a kind. You can indulge in all of these wonderful treats at once or dole them out one by one so that you can make this last until your next Montana trip. However you choose to indulge, you're going to love the Montana Hucklebasket!