Tire Swing Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 76345



  •  2.75 X 3.25 X 4.25
  • Hand-blown glass

Whisk yourself away back to your childhood days of playing on the tree in your front yard! The Tire Swing Ornament by Old World Christmas will add a sentimental feeling to your tree, not to mention a great pop of subtle color too! This ornament is also a great addition to the winter time when you may be feeling tired of the snow, you can look back to this ornament and think of the warm times of summer when you where a child! Do yourself a favor and pick up this ornament today! 

Old World Christmas, the company behind these heartwarming ornaments, is passionate about offering the best quality ornaments to every Christmas-lover! Which is why we offer so many of their ornaments! Each and every ornament from Old World Christmas is hand-blown brown glass and hand painted, ensuring the quality of each piece. Add the feeling of childhood memories to your holiday décor this year with the Tire Swing Ornament by Old World Christmas. 

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