Trout Pin by Noteworthy Paper & Press


SKU: 78648


  • Measures approx.  1-3/16" x 1"
  • Hard enamel with silver outline
  • Butterfly clutch fastener

There is nothing more Montana than trout. In fact, there are several species of trout local to our Montana rivers! A few of which being Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Lake, Bull, and Cutthroat trout! If you are on the hunt for an adorable Montana souvenir, look no further! The Trout Pin by Noteworthy Paper & Press is exactly what you need to serve as a constant reminder of the jolly time you spent on Montana rivers!

Noteworthy Paper & Press is a company based out of Missoula, Montana. This awesome stationery and paper company is passionate about crafting paper products that bring joy to a variety of individuals! The owners of this company love how their sentimental products are able to bring two strangers together! We absolutely adore Noteworthy Paper & Press and we know that you will as well!

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