Tuxedo Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 79489


  • 3" long and 4 1/4" wide
  • Made of mouth-blown glass
  • Hand-painted and glittered 

Make your Christmas tree look dapper with this Tuxedo Ornament by Old World Christmas. This is an adorable little keepsake for your Christmas tree to commemorate those big black-tie events. Get married this year? Put a tuxedo on the tree! Attend your first symphony this year? Put a tuxedo on the tree! Did your child go to senior prom? Put a tuxedo on the tree! No matter the special occasion, this refined ornament is a little bit glitter and a whole lot of style. With the one bent arm, you can almost imagine 007 himself ordering a martini in this suit jacket. Really the only thing James Bond was missing was some glitter! 

Each Old World Christmas goes through a laborious process in its creation. First, molten glass is blown into a custom-made mold so that each ornament takes a unique shape. Then, a hot silver solution is added inside of the glass to give the ornament a little more durability. Once the glass and solution are cooled, then the paint colors are applied. The final step of the process is the addition of beautiful glitter. While some of their ornaments are very glittery, this one has more of a subdued glitter to it, probably just as a dapper gentleman would want it. If style is your thing, then you'll love the Tuxedo Ornament by Old World Christmas.